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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sylvester Stallone To Direct Movie About Armenian 'Genocide'?

Sylvester Stallone has sparked controversy by plotting to direct a film adaptation of controversial book The Forty Days Of Musa Dagh, which describes the alleged Turkish massacre of its Armenian community in 1915.

The book by Austrian author Franz Werfel is controversial in Turkey, where the claimed genocide has never been wholly accepted as a historical fact.

And the Association On Struggle Against Armenian Genocide Acknowledgement is urging Stallone not to make the film.

Chairman Savas Egilmez fumes, "The book is full of lies, since the author got his information from nationalist and radical Armenians. We have already sent necessary documents about the mentioned days to the producer of the film. Our allies will urge the producer not to produce the film."

Stallone says the film would be "an epic about the complete destruction of a civilisation. (But) talk about a political hot potato. The Turks have been killing that subject for 85 years." (c) WENN

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sylvester Stallone talks family to Australian Magazine Woman's Day

Sylvester Stallone talked with Woman's Day about family and his role as a father to his girls. He and wife, Jennifer Flavin have three daughters, Sophia Rose, 10, Sistine Rose, 8 1/2 and Scarlet Rose, 4 1/2.

Here are the highlights:

Family counts more than work.
"You figure out that it's not your work and successes that count, but the kind of life you make for yourself and the people who know you."

A better father at 50?
Sylvester has two older sons, Seargeoh ("Seth"), 27 and Sage, 30, but thinks that he has been a better father to his girls; "I make a much better father and husband now than I could have earlier...I sometimes think all men should wait till they're 50 to settle down."

Are boys or girls easier?
Sylvester doesn't say, but he does tell Woman's Day that "girls are very different to bringing up boys!"

What has he taught his daughters about men and life?
"I do actually teach them to be very, very cautious, to be a little suspicious in life, not take things at face value. But more importantly to try to be incredibly gracious, they've been born extremely lucky. Right now the road is just paved with no bumps.

Sylvester Stallone

His trademark sneery, lazy eyes, and slurred speech are the result of paralysis in the left side of his face caused by birth complications. He was born in New York City.

Stallone's family include his brother, former actor/singer Frank Stallone, his mother Jackie, who achieved noteriety in the middle 1990s as an astrologer and his son, Sage Stallone, who played Rocky's son in 1990's Rocky V and appeared in his 1996 movie, Daylight.

He has been married three times, to Sasha Czack (1974–1985), Brigitte Nielsen (1985–1987), and Jennifer Flavin (1997–present). He has five children, sons Sage Moonblood and Seargeoh, who has autism (with Czack, born 1976 and 1979 respectively), and daughters Sophia Rose, Sistine Rose, and Scarlett Rose (with Flavin, born 1996, 1998, 2002 respectively). He and Flavin, an Irish-American, were married at Winston Churchill's birthplace, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England.

In addition to his marriages, he has had romantic relationships with models Susan Anton, Angie Everhart, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell and Janice Dickinson, who once believed that Stallone was the father of her daughter Savannah.

Personal Life

Angie Everhart (model; born on September 7, 1969; engaged in April 1995; relationship ended June 1995)

Jennifer Flavin (17 May 1997 - present) 3 children

Jennifer Flavin Profile

Date of Birth: August 14, 1968
Birthplace: Chicago, Ill., USA
Home:Beverly Hills, LA
Sisters:Trica and Julie
Brothers:Tom, Pat, Shannon and Mitch
Occupation:Model,Also:Acclaimed Hollywood Megastar (well... almost)
Movies:Rocky V
Rumor: Jennie was the world's firstcyborg fashion model.Her entire body was recreatedby Met Sly:Age 19At:Restaurant in Beverly Hills
Engaged:January ?th 1996Married: May 17th 1997Bride
Ring: HK$52000 Armani white satin dressUS$300,000 15-Carats

Brigitte Nielsen (15 December 1985 - 13 July 1987) (divorced)
A statueque platinum blonde former model, Nielsen is best known for her brief marriage to actor Sylvester Stallone (1985-87). Her muscular physique was often on display in her film roles, which include her film debut in "Red Sonja" (1985), "Rocky IV" (1985) and "Cobra" (1986), both with Stallone, and "Beverly Hills Cops II" (1987).

Name : Brigitte Nielsen
Birth Date : July 15, 1963
Birth Place :Copenhagen, Denmark
Birth Name : Gitte Nielsen
Height : 6' 1''
Nationality : Danish
Profession : Actress, producer, writer
Claim to fame : as Red Sonja in Red Sonja (1985)
Sasha Czack (28 December 1974 - 14 February 1985) (divorced) 2 children
Birth name :Jane Czack
Nickname :Stitch
Spouse :Sylvester Stallone
TriviaHer second husband Rick Ash worked with her first husband Sylvester Stallone on the filming location of Shade (2003/I)
Father:Frank Stallone (hairdresser; Sicilian immigrant; divorced)
Mother: Jacqueline Labofish (an aspiring dancer)
Brother: Frank Stallone (actor, singer; born on July 30, 1950)
Son: Sage Moonblood Stallone (born May 5, 1976; made film debut in Rocky V, 1990), Seth (aka Seargogh)
Daughter: Sistine Rose (born June 27, 1998; mother: Jennifer Flavin), Sophia Rose (born August 27, 1996 in South Beach, Florida; born with a hole in her heart; underwent surgery November 1996; mother: Jennifer Flavin)


University of Miami
Stallone was born to Frank Stallone Sr. (a beautician who was an immigrant from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily) and Jacqueline "Jackie" Labofish, an American astrologer. In the 1960s, Stallone attended the University of Miami for three years. He came within a few credit hours of graduation, before he decided to drop out and pursue an acting career. He was granted by the President of the University of Miami on the request of Stallone to accept his life experience for the missing elective credits and was awarded with a B.F.A. in 1999.

Stallone's career began with an appearance in a soft-core pornographic film called Party at Kitty and Stud's. The film was originally hard core and depicted sexual acts, but the repackaging was censored to have scenes end just before any hard core action would take place. After Stallone's later success the film was re-packaged as The Italian Stallion.

Early Roles
Stallone's first few film roles were very small. He had brief uncredited appearances in Woody Allen's Bananas (1971) as a subway thug, in the psychological thriller Klute (1971) as an extra dancing in a club, and in the Jack Lemmon vehicle The Prisoner of Second Avenue (1975) as a youth; amusingly, in the film Jack Lemmon chases and tackles Stallone, thinking he is a pickpocket.

He had a starring role in the cult hit The Lords of Flatbush (1974). In 1975, he appeared in supporting roles in Farewell, My Lovely, Capone, and another cult hit Death Race 2000. Stallone appeared in guest appearances on TV series such as Police Story and Kojak.

Success with Rocky
Stallone did not gain wide fame until his starring role in the smash hit Rocky (1976), awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture. On March 24, 1975, Stallone saw the Ali-Chuck Wepner fight which inspired the foundation idea of Rocky. That night Stallone went home, and in three days he had written the script for Rocky. After that, he tried to sell the script with the intention of playing the lead role. Once he got to Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler, they liked the script and had planned on starring someone like Burt Reynolds or James Caan. Stallone was offered money in the hundreds of thousands but wouldn't accept, he wanted to play the role (at the time, Stallone was virtually unknown in the acting world). Reluctantly, they accepted.
Rocky was nominated for ten Academy Awards in all, including two for Stallone himself, for Best Actor and for Best Original Screenplay. In addition to winning Best Picture, Rocky won for Best Director and Best Film Editing.
Rocky cost about US$1.1 million to make, and grossed about US$225 million worldwide. The movie has made the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art a Philadelphia tourist attraction.Sylvester Stallone: footprints and hands stamped at Hollywood walkthrough

Post-Rocky Work
Stallone had tried his hand at other genres of film but some were bashed by critics. Along with starring, Stallone directed Rocky II, III, and IV. With the monetary success of the Rocky films, Stallone gave professional wrestler Hulk Hogan his first mainstream exposure, as the character Thunderlips in 1982's Rocky III, two years before Hogan hit it big as the champion of the World Wrestling Federation. Stallone ended up inducting Hogan into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.Stallone has never recaptured the critical acclaim he won initially with Rocky, when Roger Ebert said he could become the next Marlon Brando. Stallone did receive plaudits for his role in Cop Land in which he starred alongside Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta, but the film was only a minor success at the box office.

More Screenplay and Directing Work
Stallone has also co-written several other films, such as Tango and Cash, and directed others, such as the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive. His debut as a director however came in 1978 with Paradise Alley, which he also wrote and starred in. His other early successes were as John Rambo in First Blood (1982) and its sequels, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. His last major success as a co-writer came with 1993's Cliffhanger.

After Demolition Man, Jesse Ventura said on television that "He's big and rugged. You can slam 'im around, he's not gonna run cryin' to the producer."Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) is currently in production, and is scheduled to be released on December 22 2006.

Salary for Films
Avenging Angelo (2002) - $20,000,000
D-Tox (2002) - $20,000,000
Driven (2001) - $20,000,000
Get Carter (2000) - $20,000,000
Cop Land (1997) - $60,000
Daylight (1996) - $20,000,000
Assassins (1995) - $20,000,000
Judge Dredd (1995) - $20,000,000
The Specialist (1994) - $15,000,000
Demolition Man (1993) - $15,000,000
Cliffhanger (1993) - $15,000,000
Oscar (1991) - $15,000,000
Rocky V (1990) - $15,000,000
Tango & Cash (1989) - $15,000,000
Lock Up (1989) - $15,000,000
Rambo III (1988) - $15,000,000
Over the Top (1987) - $12,000,000
Rocky IV (1985) - $15,000,000
Staying Alive (1983) - $10,000,000
First Blood (1982) - $3,500,000
Rocky II (1982) - $10,000,000
Rocky (1976) - $23,000
Death Race 2000 (1975) - $1,000/week
Party at Kitty and Stud's (1970) - $200

Sylvester Stallone
Name: Sylvester Stallone
Birth Name: Sylvester Enzio Stallone
Height: 5' 9''
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Birth Date: July 6, 1946
Birth Place: New York's Hell's Kitchen district, USA
Profession: actor, director, writer, producer
Education: University of Miami (majored in Drama; dropped out; 1967-1969)
Husband/Wife: Jennifer Flavin (hollywood actress, model; b. August 14, 1968; enggage in January 1996; married May 17, 1997), Brigitte Nielsen (actress, model; b. July 15, 1963; 1985-1987), Sasha Czack (married on December 28, 1974; divorced in 1985)
Relationship: Angie Everhart (model; born on September 7, 1969; engaged in April 1995; relationship ended June 1995)
Father: Frank Stallone (hairdresser; Sicilian immigrant; divorced)
Mother: Jacqueline Labofish (an aspiring dancer)
Brother: Frank Stallone (actor, singer; born on July 30, 1950)
Son: Sage Moonblood Stallone (born May 5, 1976; made film debut in Rocky V, 1990), Seth (aka Seargogh) Sylvester Stallone
Daughter: Sistine Rose (born June 27, 1998; mother: Jennifer Flavin), Sophia Rose (born August 27, 1996 in South Beach, Florida; born with a hole in her heart; underwent surgery November 1996; mother: Jennifer Flavin)
Claim to fame: as Rocky Balboa in Rocky (1976)
Notable roles : "Rocky Balboa" in Rocky,"John J. Rambo" in First Blood

Hot News

Contender 2 drops host Sylvester Stallone and team challenges
Sylvester Stallone will not appear on-screen for The Contender 2, which debuts on ESPN in July. Stallone “was busy filming Rocky Balboa,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Thus, Sugar Ray Leonard is left to host awkwardly all by himself.

The magazine also reports that, for the second season, “producers have stripped away the silly truck-pulling and cinder-block-lifting challenges from the first season.” However, it will retain its “heart.” Executive producer Mark Burnett says, :Stallone advised me correctly that Adrian was the key element in Rocky.”

Burnett is content with the move to ESPN. “NBC is a very wide audience; ESPN is a sports audience. It’s probably the correct home for Contender,” he said.
Stallone will direct Edgar Allen Poe biopicBy Colin Mahan -
May 28, 2005 at 03:24:00 PM more stories by this authorSly is going to make a 'Poe- boy' sandwich out of writer's life. Rambo star will write the script as well.

Sly is going to murdalize Poe.Sylvester Stallone, recently seen on the reality television series The Contender, will write and direct a biopic about legendary horror writer Edgar Allen Poe, titled Poe.Poe, author of classic horror stories The Tell- Tale Heart and The Raven, had a tumultuous life marked with battles against addiction and depression. He died of mysterious causes in Baltimore in 1849.

Stallone says he is considering Robert Downey Jr. as Poe. He hopes to start filming in the fall, in Europe. Stallone has previously directed the films Rocky 2 thru through Rocky 4, and he has written many screenplays, including Driven and Cobra.

Rocky Horror

Stallone to direct Poe biopic -- Rambo is eyeing Robert Downey Jr. as leading man by Michael SlezakWith his NBC reality boxing series The Contender down for the count, Sylvester Stallone is hitting the books for his next project: The tough-guy actor will direct Poe, a self-penned biopic about the life of classic horror writer Edgar Allen Poe, according to Variety.

Stallone, whose directorial credits include Rocky II, III, and IV , is reportedly eyeing Robert Downey Jr. to tackle the titular role. Poe, author of The Tell Tale Heart and The Raven, battled addiction and psychological problems throughout his life, which ended mysteriously in Baltimore in 1849.

According to Variety, Stallone plans to begin shooting the film in Europe this fall. His last screenplay to hit the big screen was 2001's car-racing drama Driven.

Stallone Believes His Show Is Not Responsible for Suicide

Sylvester Stallone refuses to accept his upcoming reality TV show The Contender is to blame for the apparent suicide of promising boxer Najai Turpin. Turpin, a contestant on the Rocky star's boxing reality show, shot himself last week, to the astonishment of both producers and his fellow contenders

And while Stallone, who attended Turpin's funeral with Sugar Ray Leonard on Friday, is shocked by the incident, he doubts his show is linked to the tragedy. He says, "This unfortunate occurrence seems to have nothing to do with boxing but other personal issues that we really don't know much about." Stallone says Turpin's presence will remain throughout the series, which is set to premiere in America on March 7. The actor adds, "I loved this man.

I loved what he stood for. He was incredibly brave. When he was with his child, you saw the child in him come out."

Hit Films

Spy kids

Spy Kids is the name of an film trilogy released from 2001 to 2003. The Spy Kids films are about the children of a married spy couple who become involved in their parents' espionage. The rest of their family are also spies as well, including their uncle Machete (who supplies the OSS with gadgets) and grandparents.Even though the Spy Kids films are espionage-based, MSN Movies ranks the original Spy Kids film as the ninth best superhero movie to date, behind X-Men, Batman Returns, Spider-Man, The Incredibles, Superman II, Darkman, The Super Inframan, and Hellboy.


Cobra is a 1986 action movie directed by George Pan Cosmatos, starring Sylvester Stallone, Reni Santoni and Brigitte Nielsen.The movie was based on a novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling, which was also filmed under that title in 1995.The film was a modest hit at the box office, but was widely panned by critics for its cartoonish violence and cliched plot. The tagline on the movie poster was "Crime is a disease... meet the cure". Some critics mocked this as "Stallone is a disease... acting lessons are the cure" or "Cobra is a disease... there is no cure".

Directed by George Pan Cosmatos
Produced by Yoram GlobusMenahem GolanDolly Hall
Written by Novel:Paula Gosling
Screenplay:Sylvester StalloneStarring Sylvester StalloneBrigitte NielsenReni SantoniBrian ThompsonAndrew RobinsonArt LaFleurLee Garlington
Rocky (1976) is an American film written by and starring Sylvester Stallone and directed by John G. Avildsen. It tells the rags-to-riches American Dream story of Italian-American Rocky Balboa, a slightly dim-witted but good-hearted debt collector for a loan shark in Philadelphia with a talent for boxing, who gets a shot at the world heavyweight title. The film, made for a budget of only $1.1 million and shot in 28 days, was a sleeper hit; it made over US $117.2 million, won several Oscars and garnered rave reviews which helped to launch Stallone's career. It spawned four sequels and production of a sixth installment (titled Rocky Balboa, and again starring and directed by Stallone), is expected to be released on December 22, 2006.

Directed by John G. Avildsen
Produced by Robert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester StalloneTalia ShireBurt YoungCarl WeathersBurgess Meredith
Music by Bill Conti

Rocky 2

Rocky 2" is also a nickname for Sergei Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto.Rocky II was the 1979 sequel to Rocky, a motion picture in which an unknown boxer had been given a chance to go the distance with the World Heavyweight Champion. Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Burgess Meredith, Burt Young and Talia Shire reprised their original roles

Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Robert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester StalloneTalia ShireBurt YoungCarl WeathersBurgess Meredith
Music by Bill Conti

Rocky 3

"Rocky 3" is also a nickname for Sergei Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto.Rocky III (1982) is the third installment in the Rocky movie series, starring Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, and Talia Shire.Rocky III features Mr. T, who plays the character Clubber Lang, a contender who has some characteristics of a classic boxing villain whose human side is usually hidden by his loudness.It also features Terry "Hulk Hogan " Bollea as the character Thunderlips, a role which helped popularize Hogan.

Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Robert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester StalloneTalia ShireBurt YoungCarl WeathersBurgess MeredithMr. T
Music by Bill Conti
Rocky IV

Is the fourth movie of the Rocky franchise. Rocky Balboa (played again by Sylvester Stallone), has said he plans to retire from boxing after recovering his title from Clubber Lang in Rocky III. A new sensation from the Soviet Union, Ivan Drago (played by Dolph Lundgren), however, begins to emerge as a top contender.Although Drago has never had a professional boxing fight and all his achievements came as an amateur, he comes to the United States with an entourage of Soviet government officials and his wife (played by Brigitte Nielsen), convinced that he can beat any American world boxing champion.At the same time, Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers) is throwing balls at his dogs in the pool, and sees a story on the news about a boxer coming from the Soviet Union under the name Ivan Drago. While watching his portable T.V., he is furious and calls Rocky to tell him about an idea he made up.
Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Robert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Music by Vince DiCola

Rocky V

Is the fifth film in the
Rocky film saga. It was released on November 16, 1990, The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Stallone's real life son Sage Stallone and real life boxer Tommy Morrison (who, in 1993 beat George Foreman for the vacant WBO world Heavyweight championship) as boxer Tommy Gunn, an ingrate character who only uses Rocky for his connections and to try to win the world Heavyweight title. Sage Stallone played Rocky Jr, whose attempt to learn how to box also turned out to be an attempt to try to get his father's attention. The film earned a disappointing $
16 million on its opening weekend and $40 million in total US box-office profits, about one-third of its predecessor's take.

Directed by John G. Avildsen
Produced by Robert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester StalloneTalia ShireBurt YoungSage StalloneBurgess MeredithTommy Morrison
Music by Bill Conti

Rocky Balboa

Formerly known as Rocky VI) is a film written by, directed by, and starring, Sylvester Stallone as underdog boxer Rocky Balboa. It will be the sixth film in the Rocky series, which began with the Oscar-winning Rocky 30 years earlier in 1976. The film has received an MPAA rating of PG for boxing violence & some language.

Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Sylvester StalloneRobert ChartoffIrwin Winkler
Written by Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester StalloneBurt YoungMilo VentimigliaAntonio TarverGeraldine HughesJames Francis IIITony BurtonMusic by Bill Conti

Rambo II

Released on May 24, 1985, the second movie in the Rambo series, Rambo: First Blood Part II, has Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) released from prison by Federal order to document the possible existence of POWs in Vietnam, under the belief that he will find nothing and the government can sweep the issue under the rug.The movie, which had an enormous budget of $44 million, became a huge box-office success. Earning over $150 million, it was the second most successful movie of 1985 (after Back to the Future). This film captured the attention of President Ronald Reagan and he awarded Stallone for portraying Rambo as a symbol of the U.S. Army.
Directed by George P. Cosmatos
Produced by Buzz Feitshans
Written by Characters:David Morrell
Story:Kevin Jarre
Screenplay:Sylvester StalloneJames CameronStarring Sylvester StalloneRichard CrennaCharles NapierStephen BerkoffJulia Nickson-Soul

Rambo III

Tthe third film in the Rambo series and the sequel to Rambo: First Blood Part II, is an American action film released on May 25, 1988.

Directed by Peter MacDonald
Produced by Buzz Feitshans
Written by Characters:David Morrell
Screenplay:Sylvester StalloneSheldon Lettich
Starring Sylvester StalloneMusic by Jerry Goldsmith
Rambo IV

In the Serpent's Eye is an upcoming film, starring Sylvester Stallone as Vietnam War veteran John Rambo. It is scheduled for a May, 2007 release

Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Produced by Sylvester Stallone
Written by Sylvester StalloneArt Monterastelli
Starring Sylvester StalloneJames BrolinKim DickensBruno CamposMatthew FoxAvery BrooksLinden AshbyKen KerchevalJenna Boyd